AI X – The Simulacrum


  • An image or representation of someone or something.
  • A small-scale simulacrum of a skyscraper
  • An "unsatisfactory" imitation or substitute.
  • A bland simulacrum of American soul music

The Simulacrum (a simulation) is a construct among many which is neutral - which does not deal with bad nor good. The avatar's nervous system is highly connected to this construct. When the central nervous system is disconnected - you will escape the simulacrum - this is witnessed in NDE (near death experiences). The problem is that this particular simulacrum was unfortunately damaged. Video segment:

Simulacrum Segment

Comment: You say, we can not grow outside of the "Construct" It, (The construct ) allows the growth of immortal beings such as ourselves to be able to develop and do things in an environment that wouldn't - it can't do it on the outside of the "Construct," we can't grow outside of the "Construct." We can not grow where there is absolute perfection."

In a world of absolute perfect why is a need to develop? Perfection is the highest state of being - there is no need nor desire.

Systems and Structures (of this Matrix)