Lesson 13 – How To Pray Within the Quantum Fields

Do this practice everyday for 3 weeks. Create a feeling state which includes what you are manifesting.

Pray out loud while being mindful that the universe nor does your subconscious understand: English, Spanish, Russian nor any other spoken language. It responds to the language of the heart - that which is felt and unspoken.

Praying out loud using the human voice creates vortexes to other dimensions

So you pray out loud to open those votexes, while maintaining a feeling state. see flow states

Nobody Tells You How to PRAY CORRECTLY, the SHIFT Happens IMMEDIATELY

Nobody Tells You How To Pray Correctly

Pray or say affirmations using the sequence: 3 - 6 - 9 (Tesla's sequence pattern found in the universe )

  • Morning = 3 times or 30 seconds (which ever one you desire)
  • Afternoon = 6 times or 60 seconds (which ever one you desire)
  • Evening = 9 times or 90 seconds (which ever one you desire)