Protected: Curriculum: “Bending Reality” / Study: 001

Location: Saturday at 3:30 pm at 2432, Lincoln Santa Monica?

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April 27, 2024 / 3:30 – 5:30


  • Where Are We? The so called, "Dream State"
  • The Power of the Human Voice (the creation of vertices and vortexes) and their impact
  • The Wave Phenomena of Everything Wave phenomena are the observable characteristics and behaviors of waves. There are several basic phenomena associated with waves:
    1. Reflection: When a wave encounters an obstacle or boundary, it bounces back, or is reflected.
    2. Refraction: When a wave passes from one medium to another with a different speed, it changes direction, or bends.
    3. Diffraction: Waves bend when they pass around small obstacles or through small openings, spreading out as they do so.
    4. Interference: When two or more waves overlap, they can combine constructively or destructively, leading to an increase or decrease in the amplitude of the resulting wave.

Waves can be classified as periodic or non-periodic. Periodic waves oscillate repeatedly about an equilibrium (resting) value at some frequency. When the entire waveform moves in one direction, it is said to be a traveling wave; by contrast, a pair of superimposed periodic waves traveling in opposite directions makes a standing wave.

Wave phenomena can be observed in various forms, including sound waves, light waves, water waves, and seismic waves. They play a crucial role in various fields, including communication, physics, and engineering.


    1. What Is Hyperianism
    2. Study Of Sounds Of Vowels and the Human Voice


    1. Becoming One with a Frequency
    2. Understanding the "I am" significance and its careful use
    3. QiGong+ Movements (Visual Hand and Arm Movements) AS_as01
    4. QiGong+ Movements Generating "Altered States") through "projection," while manipulating magnetic/frequency fields (AS_as05)
    5. QiGong the "Sword" Modality for Healing
    6. The Wave Phenomena - Movements - 101
    7. Probing your frequency signature (intro)

Bring with you:

  1. Cell phone
  2. Headsets
  3. Sneakers for the practices


Metaphysics: The philosophical study of being and knowing.

Hyperianism: The prefix “Hyper” means higher, or beyond. Hyperians are those who seek to go higher, to go beyond human limitations, and to overcome all obstacles. Hyperianism is all about creating yourself into the best version of yourself that you can possibly be, to self actualize, to take you inner infinite potential and bring it forth into the world. ref 1, ref 2

Ontological Mathematics: Science is based upon "the observable."

If part of reality is unobservable and scientific methods do not include the part of reality which is unobservable, then science will automatically fail to tell us a single thing about it. ref

Entanglement: Where the essences of an object is duplicated or mirrored in another object. What happens to one of the objects also happens to the other. Distance nor is time relevant. This phenomena exist because each part is entangled.