Glitches in the Matrix

New Glitches in the Matrix Documentary 2018 Are We Living in a Computer Simulation

Our visible world is less than 3 percent of the known universe.

He Finds A Glitch In The Matrix On His Paranormal Property And Then Falls Through It Time Travel

Five True Scary Stories Of Glitches In The Matrix

The E8 polytope is the fundamental, the invariant object which unifies everything. source

A glitch in the matrix is a puzzling occurrence that indicates we are living in a computer simulation. Kind of similar to a premonition, or precognition, or a déjà vu moment or even the Mandela effect. The glitch is where a person perceives something that breaks the laws of physics and reality. Our life, and everything around us might be part of a vast, living and 3D holographic simulation conducted by “someone” invisible and superior to everything known in the universe! Is it the ultimate computer game of the superior ones? We all sleep. We all dream. Are we're all just living someone else's dream? Reality is an illusion that we need to escape from.