Only God Can Do This

Only God Can Do This V2

Rewire Your Brain This Way | Dr. Joe Dispenza

Rewire Your Brain Joe Dispenza

REPEAT IT For 30 Seconds - The Most Powerful Psalm To MANIFEST ANYTHING You Want

Repeat It For 30 Seconds

Comment: To pray is to create a vibration with you. When you think and pray out loud you increase the vibration and energy of your prayer. Words are extremely powerful. Never say anything negative about yourself “ oh I’m such a loser, I’ll never get rich, I’m always getting sick, I have bad luck “ because that’s exactly what you’ll attract. You’re bringing it upon yourself, with your own words. Try doing the opposite, especially when things are not going right or your way. Change your thoughts and change your destiny
Have faith in God and His Son Jesus and you’ll never lack. (by: Mereham Aotearoan)

JUST SAY THIS 3 TIMES, IT WORKS 100% | Dolores Cannon Law Of Attraction 🌟

Just Say This 3 Times, It Works 100%

Dive into the mystical realm of manifestation with this incredible video! Discover the power of Dolores Cannon's wisdom and the Law of Attraction as we unveil a simple yet potent technique—just say this three times, and it works 100%!

Explore Dolores Cannon's motivation, advice, and transformative insights that go beyond conventional manifestation methods. Learn about Dolores Cannon's manifestations, manifestation meditation, and fearless approach to healing.

In this video, we reveal a secret manifesting prayer for the universe as shared by Dolores Cannon. Join us in saying this powerful affirmation three times and witness the magic unfold in your life. By: Belief The Master

The Secret to Activating the Law Of Attraction - manifest anything! Subconscious mind reprograming MindsetVibr

The Secret To Activating The Law Of Attraction

SAY This Magical MONEY MANTRA And Money Will Come So Easily - Deepak Chopra

Say This Magical Money Mantra

For the good of all and without prejudice to anyone, $500 is on its way to me. It belongs to me and is used as I say or choose. I appreciate the universe in advance. And focus on abundance coming my way. I will be amazed at the speed and ease with which it manifests in my life. I hope the money arrives in a few hours, but no more than three days. And so it is.

DO THIS To Rewire Your Neural Pathways and re-Program Your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND

Use this TRICK to manifest ANYTHING

Manifesting Is REAL

The Law Of Reception

The Law Of Reception

Three Powerful Affirmations to health and vitality

3 Powerful Affirmations To Health And Vitality

  1. I banish every trace of ill health from my body, affirming that I am made in the image of god perfect and whole.
  2. I am a Channel of divine harmony and health. Every cell of my body is filled with light and life.
  3. I am radiating vibrant health, peace and joy to every cell of my body.

Top UK’s Psychic Reveals POOR & RICH People's Coming Great SHIFT in 2026! Prepare Yourself NOW!

Top Uk’s Psychic Reveals Poor & Rich People

You are in a Simulation: Here's how to Exit it (Neville Goddard)

You Are In A Simulation Here's How To Exit It Neville Goddard

He Cracked the Code of Reality and Became a Billionaire

He Cracked The Code Of Reality And Became A Billionaire

Andrew Carnegie became a billionaire simply by developing his level of concentration for 5 minutes - uninterrupted.

Learn How to Enter THIS STATE of HIGH VIBRATION and Change Your Reality

Learn How To Enter This State Of High Vibration And Change Your Reality

How to Break Free From the Matrix

How To Break Free From The Matrix

TAKE A GLASS OF WATER and SAY These Words To Manifest Any Desires You Wish - Bob Proctor

Take A Glass Of Water And Say These Words To Manifest Any Desires You Wish Bob Proctor

ENERGY is the Language of God & Your WORDS Are The Most Powerful Force in The Universe

Energy Is The Language Of God

". . . the universe is an illusion created by the eternal spirit to manifest and to experiment its diversity."

Mark 11:24 "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."

STAY in The FEELING That Your Wishes Have Been Fulfilled

Stay In The Feeling That Your Wishes Have Been Fulfilled

You must STAY in the feeling that your wishes have been fulfilled, to have a vibrational match with your desired outcome, and you will attract them into your life in a way you cannot predict.

The Matrix Explained (What is a Matrix?)

The Matrix Explained

The term "the matrix" becomes very popular during a spiritual awakening, and yet many of us still don't know exactly what a matrix is. So today, I'm going to be explaining exactly what a matrix is, so that we can remove the mystery around it and understand it from a larger perspective. By: The Alchemist

This Ancient Teaching Will Bend Your Reality

This Ancient Teaching Will Bend Your Reality

The 7 Hermetic Principles from Hermeticism: The Ancient Wisdom of Hermes Trismegistus. This ancient teaching is more than just the law of attraction. Once you understand the principles, you can attract what you want, manifest your desires, and bend your reality at your will. You will be able to tap into the power of your mind, unlock your inner power, and create your own reality. In this video, I'll explain what is hermeticism and the 7 hermetic principles in a simple way, and how you can apply them in your daily life. Once you visualize it correctly, the shift happens immediately! I'll show you how. By: DivineSignals

How To Speak To The Universe

How To Speak To The Universe

How To Speak To The Universe

You are the universe and speaking to the universe equates to speaking to your higher self.

The Attention Principle | If You Don't Change this , Reality will Never Change

The Attention Principle

Money is Actually a Spiritual Energy

Money Is Actually A Spiritual Energy

Dive into the profound world of money and discover its true nature as a spiritual energy. Learn how to harness this energy to attract wealth effortlessly and create the financial reality you desire. In this video you'll discover: * The secret behind effortless wealth attraction * Money's true essence as a flowing energy * The power of the Law of Attraction in manifesting abundance * Proven methods to shift your mindset towards money * Practical tools to cultivate a positive financial vibration. By: I Like Motivation

Money is not just a means of transaction, it is a form of energy.

How Words Can Be Used As Magic Spells

How Words Can Be Used As Magic Spells

How to Shift & Attract Everything In 2024

How To Shift & Attract Everything In 2024

4 Disturbing Laws of The Universe No One Tells You About

Money Is Actually A Spiritual Energy

Lets Dive into the mysterious and often unsettling laws that govern our universe in our latest video, "4 Disturbing Laws of The Universe No One Tells You About." We'll explore the darker side of physics and cosmology, revealing the strange, the counterintuitive, and the downright unnerving principles that underlie everything from the vastness of the cosmos to the inner workings of quantum mechanics. Prepare to have your mind bent and your perception of reality challenged with these rarely discussed phenomena. Hit play to uncover the hidden truths that may change the way you look at everything! By: Spritual Path

ANCIENT SECRETS of the Number ‘9’

Ancient Secrets Of The Number ‘9’

This intriguing exploration delves into the historical and cultural significance of the number '9', a numeral revered in various civilizations for centuries. From the mystical practices of ancient shamans to the mathematical formulations of the Greeks, '9' has held a place of wonder and mystique. The narrative unfolds the number's presence in mythology, its influence in astronomical calculations, and its symbolic meaning in religious texts. This journey through time reveals how '9' has shaped beliefs, inspired scientific discoveries, and remained a mysterious emblem of the unknown in the human quest for understanding the universe.

The number nine is often associated with a divine connotation in the mystical thought and religions across the globe from ancient times. There is both, negativity and positivity in this mysterious nine! Not to talk of the numeral 9, which is often cited as a ‘lucky number' for many these days! By:


See It In Your Mind Sit Back & Watch The Magic

Create ANYTHING you want in your life! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE

In this video, we'll show you how to create your dream life, and how to draw a clear and specific vision of your dreams, and how to program your subconscious mind for wealth and success by Dolores Cannon.

If you're ready to start manifesting your desires, then this video is for you!

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Inspired by Dolores Cannon - By: Divine Mind

How I Learned Reiki From a Light Being (And How to Do It) Power of Assumption

How I Learned Reiki From A Light Being

Suggestion: Replay segments of this video and learn by memory the differences in the subtle bodies. More on Reiki