Learn Reiki in Ten Minutes

Learn Reiki In Ten Minutes

Dr. Shipon teaches the essence of Reiki in 10 minutes. Dr. Shipon is a licensed psychologist in New Jersey (#4738) and has been a Reiki Master for 16 years. In this video, Dr. Shipon explains how the feeling of gratitude, all by itself, can attune a person to the Reiki vibration. He also briefly explains the concepts of the three Reiki 2 symbols, and how to use them.

Comment: Finally a how to reiki video that actually explains it and gets to the point. Almost all others just keep talking in circles describing it but not just diving into what it is and explaining it. Seriously so happy I found your video thank you

How I Learned Reiki From a Light Being (And How to Do It) Power of Assumption

How I Learned Reiki From A Light Being

Suggestion: Replay segments of this video and learn by memory the differences in the subtle bodies.