Lesson 14 – Quantum Jumping

What Is Happening?

Quantum Jumping used within the field of human conscienous is taken from a phenomena within science. It was an observation that neutrons can instantly jump from one orbit to another

The body and the individual's profile or state transforms. You are syncing up with another "you" and become that other person.

Tools Which Assist

Quantum Jumping for Other People or Groups

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How To Quantum Jump (432hz 528hz) Brian Scott

How To Quantum Jump (432hz 528hz) Brian Scott

In this episode I will explain how I quantum jump, what has worked for me and tips and techniques to help you do it successfully. This is the result of lots of experimentation and field study. I have experienced real shifts in realities with quantifiable results. Though this is impossible to prove, so the only thing you can do is try it yourself.

What is quantum jumping you say?

Consider the idea that many times—possibly even every time—you make a decision or choice, you are actually moving between alternate realities—between parallel worlds. In those alternate realities there is another possible “you” who you can connect with so strongly that the conscious awareness and energy that is you literally moves into that other reality. When feeling so strongly connected to another self in a different reality, it is possible to gain direct access to the knowledge available only in that time and space, and to experience an entirely different self.

What makes quantum jumping possible is that, like a quantum particle, every person has the ability to exhibit quantum behavior. While it may seem extremely improbable that you can do the things quantum particles do—such as tunnel through solid barriers, or make quantum jumps to other alternate times and places—our current understanding of physics suggests such things are within the realm of possibility, and can be expected to occur.

What all this means to someone experiencing a quantum jump is that they can enter another parallel reality by relaxing and imagining they are accessing some kind of bridge, window, or doorway to another world with another self who has another set of characteristics, qualities, or skills. With quantum jumping, one makes the leap from simply imagining oneself in an alternate reality to actually being that other self.

Lets discuss how to do this.

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Quantum Jumping How To Manifest Your Dream Life [LAW OF ATTRACTION]

Quantum Jumping How To Manifest Your Dream Life

Tools To Assist In the Transformative Process

“Quantum Jumping”: How To Master Parallel Reality Shifting To Manifest Your Dream Life

How To Master Parallel Reality Shifting To Manifest Your Dream Life

At Higher Self, we extend our deepest gratitude for your fortuitous arrival in this mystical space. Prepare to transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary as we navigate the cosmic currents of spirituality, guiding you towards a life illuminated with purpose and fulfillment.

Practices To Achieve Quantum Jumping

Guided Meditation Merkabah Meditation (777hz)

Guided Meditation Merkabah Meditation