Exiting The Reincarnation System

The reincarnation sytem which is the loop between and Earth and The Light (heaven). The term "soul" is the experience of a formless entity going from "Heaven" to Earth in a loop (The Matrix). There are those who speak of "old souls" and "new souls." A soul, like God, has no beginning nor end. If this is so, then how can there be new souls? New souls are those who are new to the Earth/heaven loop.

Transcending REINCARNATION in the Most DANGEROUS Book in the World

Transcending Reincarnation In The Most Dangerous Book In The World

Are Dark Forces in The Astral Running A Simulation On Earth?

Are Dark Forces In The Astral Running A Simulation On Earth

How To Exit The Reincarnation System. Listen Carefully

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WARNING! The Afterlife “Life Review” Is A Trap!

Do not be tricked into reincarnating here! The "life review" that is often reported by near-death experiencers is a negative one. Don't be deceived... again!


In this video, we discuss what REINCARNATION really is and how it is A TRAP / A FRAUD. https//www.agbeepou.com

How to Exit Reincarnation Cycle

Galactic message channeled during a private session. It came from a Cosmic Race residing in the Constellation of Taurus. This race is known to humanity through depictions at the ancient temple of Dendera in Egypt.

Comment: Does the so called spiritual guide documents or bibles state that you have a choice or that there is even a reincarnation process?

Video segment on the procedure on getting out of reincarnation:
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More on How to Escape Lucifer’s Afterlife Trap by Wes Penre

I can understand if it may sound scary to choose not to go to the Light because many of us are afraid of the unknown—whereas, the Light feels “safe” because we've gone there so many times, and “everybody else” who went there seems to have done just fine.

How Does Reincarnation and the Afterlife Really Work?

How Does Reincarnation And The Afterlife Really Work

Christina Rasmussen interviewed Tom Campbell for her Dear Life podcast and asked Tom in this excerpt from her interview: “How does reincarnation and the afterlife actually work?” Although Tom has spoken on this subject many times before, in this excerpt he gives a particularly good summary of the how and why of the afterlife process and speaks directly to those who are concerned with whether they will forever be with their loved ones. Your avatar is not immortal, except in the sense that the information that describes everything your avatar thought, felt and experienced is recorded and made available to all. You, as a subset of consciousness (an IUOC), are immortal -- there is no end , only endless opportunities to evolve -- to become whatever you can be.

Are You Ready to Leave this Matrix?

Ask yourself honestly why you want to leave this Matrix. Do you want to leave because you’re traumatized, fearful, and angry, or do you want to leave because you realize that this is not your home and there is nothing more for you here, and that you can be of better use elsewhere?... Wes Penre.

Raising Vibrations and Human Consciousness Hoax by Duane the Great Writer and Ankaraman

The Pleiadians On Soul Recycling, How to Stop the Archon Matrix Reincarnation Trap 2017

What is happening is that - you leave religion, but you always use the same brainwashing mental pattern in your mind, upon which you base your new beliefs. To believe. It means to relay on something which has place in your mind. So that when you die, the afterlife service uses every possible way to trick you to come back to Earth again.


When you die, DON'T go into the light. Don't be tempted by loved ones or Jesus-like figures. Instead, turn away from the light, and look around, there should be other options, other exits. We have been brainwashed into this religious trap, frightened by darkness. But this is how you trap an animal, using bait or fear. Escape from this place.

What Happens In The Afterlife As Told In Vedas By Wes Penre

The Vedas is the archaic encrypted document which contain some information regarding afterlife.