Your Powers Within This Matrix

How TO Free Yourself From The Slavery Into Which You Were Born

How To Free Yourself From The Slavery Into Which You Were Born

In this video, which explains how the Globalists have enslaved the world by juridical positivism, Brother Bugnolo refers to his videos on The Only Solution to the Great Reset, Forming Local Committees for Citizens against Democide, and his Truth 1.0 video.

The Secret Power Of Words, Sound & Vibration | WORDS CREATE WORLDS – Law of Attraction

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“Quantum Jumping”: How to Shift to a Parallel Reality & Manifest Fast! (Law of Attraction)

Quantum Jumping - How to Shift to a Parallel Reality and Manifest Fast

Quantum Jumping is the process by which a person visualizes a desired result or state of being that is different from what is current, and then by supplying enough mental and emotional energy, and clearly tuning into that possibility, they make a quantum leap into that hidden dimension or alternate and parallel reality. The hypnosis meditation mentioned in this video:    • Quantum Jumping Hypnosis (Guided Medi...   The success of most all Law of Attraction techniques, manifestation techniques and visualization techniques can be attributed to Quantum Jumping, or what may be better termed as multi-dimensional awareness. Consciousness changes and then reality follows suit. When consciousness is altered sufficiently, a person will find themselves in the experience of a parallel reality shift. I’ll explain how that works here, as well as give you a powerful technique to do this easily!

How To Speak with the Universe & Attract What You Want | Finding Meaning in Unanswered Prayers

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The HIDDEN Secret Behind Buddha Enlightenment

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BE CAREFUL With The World You Create In YOUR MIND

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Use Your IMAGINATION To Get Anything You Want | Neville Goddard

April 24, 2023 - How to understand and use the power of visualization and imagination. Soul Alchemy

Neville Goddard | How to Ask I-AM to Get Anything you Want in Life

Added: April 25, 2023 - Did you asked God for something and you didn't get answered? Well you were asking wrong. The thing you must know is that you can't find God nowhere else, but inside yourself.

You and your I AM, that is God. Dwells inside you, its your own wonderful Human Imagination, that is God Himself.
The most important thing on having anything that you want is to ask "I AM." In this video, we are going to show you the best way on How to Ask "I Am", to Manifest Anything you want in life.  Neville GodART

LEARN TO VIBRATE CORRECTLY | Trust Your Energy to Manifest Dreams

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May 27, 2023 -

The Hidden Study Of Sounds Of Vowels and the Human Voice (The Creation of Toroidal Fields )

  1. The Multi-dimensional Symphony of VowelsThe journey to toroidal fields to scalar waves
  2. The journey to toroidal fields to scalar waves:

June 13, 2023 - This is what toroidal fields, created by the sounds we make when we speak, look like. Phenomenal research has been conducted to illustrate the different shapes and structures of these toroidal fields that are associated with different letters and sounds, especially vowels. As we speak, these toroidal fields that we generate and shape with our mouths – infinite forms, shapes, and creativity – actually transform into scalar waves. This scalar technology permeates all of creation instantly. The thoughts we have or the words we speak don't need an explanation to permeate all of creation. This occurs instantaneously. By: Video Advice.

Three Steps to ATTRACTING Anything You WANT

Aug. 3, 2023 -

How To HEAL ANYTHING Through The Subconscious (SC = The most power force in the universe)

How To HEAL ANYTHING Through The Subconscious

Your MIND Is A Garden, Your THOUGHTS Are the Seeds

Your MIND is a garden, your THOUGHTS are the seeds

8 Minutes That Will Change Your Life! | David Icke

8 Minutes That Will Change Your Life - David Icke

Revealing The 3D MATRIX Dark Secrets | Take ACTION Before It Collapses!

Unveiling the hidden layers of the 3D MATRIX like never before. This deep dive exposes dark secrets that have been shielded from us for far too long. As we journey into the intricate workings of the Matrix, we'll unearth shocking truths that necessitate immediate action.

🔍 Why is the 3D MATRIX on the brink of collapse?
🔍 What have been kept hidden from us, and WHY?
🔍 Actionable steps you MUST take to safeguard yourself and your loved ones.